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About the Artist

Everyday is a blessing for me.  

I live in Endicott, NY with my fiancé, Ken.  I am a proud graduate from Binghamton University.  I majored in fine arts (BFA degree) and have a minor in art history.

Painting and drawing are my preferred mediums and I especially enjoy working in oils and graphite.

I discovered that I love portraiture when I was in college.  I enjoyed it so much my entire senior exhibit was portraits of all my friends!  Since then I've been hooked.  I love capturing people, especially my loved ones. The presentation of a final piece to a client is the highlight of my day!  For the client, seeing their loved one immortalized in an artist's rendition can oftentimes be an emotional moment; and a thrill for me that I will never stop seeking.  

When I'm not in my studio you can find me riding Harley's with Ken or doing anything involving the outdoors. 



(607) 624-8381


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